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Food Science Recruiters RFS is a boutique search firm specializing in food manufactuirng jobs, food science jobs, flavor industry jobs, and CPG jobs (consumer packaged goods), and was founded by Rose Fanta; we have been building our network of food industry applicants for over thirty years. We will not only “fill” that job order, we will find the “perfect match” for your food companies culture. We are also food science recruiters; we serve Los Angeles California and the entire U.S.A., including the greater Chicago area.

We a re nationwide recruiting firm that leaves no stone unturned when finding your business the candidates that will increase your business. Whether you are looking to hire a great person or wanting to make a successful career change, Food Recruiters RFS will guide you through the path to success. Collectively we will make change, face challenges, so we all meet out goals and visions.  You can vist our main website here https://foodrecruitersrfsjobs.com/, and we are Food Recruiters in Minneapolis MN,  Food Industry Recruiters RFS Atlanta GA, and Food and Beverage Recruiters RFS Milwaukee WI.  One of our competitors is Curtis Food Recruiters.

We regularly work with food scientists, food technologists, food research applicants, food product development people, regulatory and compliance people, food executive, etc. We have been building our network for over thirty years. Our dedicated team, founded by Rose Fanta, knows that helping companies grow is about providing excellent people.  You can contact us at foodrecruitersrfs@gmail.com

RFS Recruiters is a full service contingency food technology recruiting firm. We thoroughly display all our CANDIDATES before we send them to you. We take a very hands on approach. We will be by your side throughout the entire process and that means you can enhance your companies success with excellent people. We just don’t post ads on the same sight that you already have published on. We network and recruit by good old fashioned hard work. We check recommendations and can help with travel arrangements. You won’t be disappointed!

Below are some current job orders; these jobs can be found on our main website: foodrecruitersrfsearch.com:
Chemist – Los Angeles California – RF Search food recruiters
Program Manager – Virginia
Associate Product Developer – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food recruiter
Research & Development Technician – Atlanta
R&D Food Scientist – Los Angeles
QA Lab Tech – Cincinnati
Safety Manager – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food science recruiters
Food Safety Coordinator – Milwaukee WI
R&D Process Technologist – Los Angeles California – Food Recruiters RFS food science recruiter
Maintenance Engineer – Detriot
Sensory Analyst – Los Angeles California – RF Search food recruiter
Flavorist – Sacramento CA
Production Supervisor – Modesto CA
Quality Control Supervisor – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food science recruitment
Plant Engineer – Kansa City

Microbiologist – St. Louis
Manager, Sensory & Consumer Insights – Illinois
Sales Engineer – Wisconsin
Data Analyst – Georgia
Sensory Analyst – Los Angeles California – RF Search food science recruiting
Produce Auditor – Indiana
Chef – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food recruiters
Sous Chef – Los Angeles California – RF Search food headhunters

Quality Assurance Technician – Washington State
Manufacturing Supervisor – Oregon
Director Quality – Idaho
Manager of External Manufacturing – Kansas
Manager C&IP Consumer Products – Colorado – Rose Fanta Food recruitment agency
Development Chef – Denver
Manager Quality Systems – Utah
Resource Manager – New Mexico
Supervisor – Consumer Affairs – Arizona
Regional Sales Manager – Iowa – RF Search Food recruiting firm
Food Production Supervisor – Missouri
Quality Control Manager – Arkansas
Compliance Manger – Indiana
QA Manger – Illinois
Research Scientist – Tennessee
Food Process Project Engineer – Wisconsin
Regulatory Specialist – New York
Regulatory Affairs Manager – Pennsylvania – RF Search CPG Recruiter
Nutritionist – New Jersey
Associate Quality Specialist – Vermont
Chemist – North Carolina
Program Manager – Georgia
Associate Product Developer – South Dakota
Research & Development Technician – Kentucky
R&D Food Scientist – Merced CA
QA Lab Tech – Vineland NJ – RF Search Food Science Recruiter
Safety Manager – Los Angeles California – RF Search food science recruiters
Food Safety Coordinator – Modesto CA
R&D Process Technologist – Kalamazoo MI
Maintenance Engineer – Burlington VT
Sensory Analyst – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food recruiters
Flavorist – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food recruiting
Production Supervisor – Philadelphia PA
Quality Control Supervisor – Denver CO
Plant Engineer – Los Angeles California – Rose Fanta food science recruiters
Quality Assurance Supervisor – Chicago
Production Manager – Atlanta GA
Quality Assurance Manager – Los Angeles California – RF Search food recruiters
Director Research & Development – Chicago IL – Rose Fanta Food Science Headhunter
Plant Manager – Chicago Illinois
Flavor Chemist – Atlanta Georgia
Food Scientist – New York City